River Song

Nice hair, clever, has her own gun.

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Name: Professor River Song

Character Fandom: Doctor Who

Canonical Point of Entry: Series 4 Forest of the Dead

Physical Description: River is fit, and well built for a woman approaching middle age. She is of average height and her creamy complexion is beginning to show signs of age, though her thick russet colored hair has resisted graying. She keeps her hair long, in an effort to contain the curl, and it is most frequently pulled back. Her hands are calloused from years working excavations, her nails short and her green eyes sharp.

Personality: River Song, excavator, professor, writer, adventurer and preeminent authority on pretty much anything you care to ask about and a bunch of things you probably don’t. As a person, she is pert, direct, often brusque, but her enthusiasm for life and her varied passions compensate for her sometimes highly opinionated nature, making her an unusually interesting and powerful individual.

She adds to this a sarcastic wit and delight in the absurd or in unusual situations. She finds particularly striking the idiosyncrasies of individuals or of events and her observations are often cutting and insightful. Particularly when directed at herself.

She can be alternatingly abrasive, flirtatious, self deprecating, and know it all-ish and shows a keen insight and quick intellectual mind.

Relationship with the Doctor: The true nature of her relationship with the Doctor is unknown, she obviously has an unusually intimate relationship with him evidenced by the fact that she knows his true name. For purposes of RP it is assumed that whatever he felt for her she considers him the great love of her life, if a transient one.

River Song a Biography
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